Burnout: The Time You Hate Everything

Burnout: The Time You Hate Everything

We've always been talking technically since I made the blog. Sometimes you feel your brain battery is low. You need a break. You can't focus anymore. Burnout is one of those things that I (a simple developer) have experienced quite a few times. It turns what you love into your nightmare. It not only bothers you, but you also don't feel nice about it either!

In this article, we're going to talk about some burnout signs that appear instantly, immediate actions, and proper ways you can pass that tough period and get back to work.

My battery was low and I wasn't aware of it..

After hard-working on a project, that feeling made me quit coding for two months or three. That wasn't a good feeling. Coding was bothering me at that period! That was the time that my battery was low and I wasn't aware of that.

I'm so into reading books specifically books that talk about technical topics. Well, you might've guessed so far that software development has always been my favorite. That's actually true but not for a burned-out developer!

I was blaming myself for not's..

Blaming myself for not being on time, not being disciplined, not reading books, not applying for that job offer, and a bunch of other not's. I was so disappointed. I had lost all my hopes, and dreams, and just needed a break to get prepared and get myself sorted.

That time, made me plan my purposes..

Working hard for something that you don't like will bring nothing but stress and anxiety. Working hard for something that you love is what I call passion. So, it was pretty important for me to re-plan maybe. To depict my long-term accomplishments in mind once again. To clarify what I love.

It makes it comfier for some people to depict their goals and dreams on a piece of paper. You can do that too.

Know the values you have..

Health is so important. The topic we're talking about today is a type of sickness actually. When you're healthy, you have thousands of wishes but when you're sick, you only have one. When you're experiencing burnout, you wish you could pass it faster so that you can get back to work earlier.

I barely use images to show up what I have in mind in my writings but I want you to think about the following photo.

Doing your hobbies consistently keeps it enjoyable every single time you spend your time on them. If you over-work on something, it becomes repetitive. If you eat your favorite food two meals a day for a month, you'll end up hating that food. That mindset of awesome deliciousness about that food becomes a frustrating picture in your mind. You don't want to try that food ever again!

Overdoing had made you hate something you loved before! Of course, you could've eaten your favorite food once a week and you would enjoy that for the rest of your life!

Goodbye burnout..

Your body has a smartphone-look-like architecture. It needs the energy to perform better. Burnout feeling is the feeling of a lack of energy for doing something. You procrastinate on doing something because your body has not had enough energy and passion and your brain is just reasoning. You don't feel that since it comes from your unconsciousness.

Let's discover some solutions and practices that will help you pass the burnout time.

  • Sleep enough: when you're sleeping, your battery is charging. It takes almost 7-8 hours per day for a full charge for a human so don't miss it. Turn on the DND mode.

  • Exercise: go walk sometimes. Do your favorite sport. It's better to walk 15-20 minutes a day. Let fresh air come into your lames. Fresh air helps your brain cells act better.

  • Play music: playing music will help you focus better in your free time. Give it a try during exercise time.

  • Read books: reading books helps you dive through others' thoughts specifically novels.

Last but not least..

Keep doing your hobbies consistently. If so, you'll enjoy that all the time. If you feel tired, get a break. Go for a walk if possible. Have a drink.